”When clearance is not yet an option,
  armed violence prevention activities
  are the ones saving lives.”

Christophe Milot

What is it ?

This guide is meant to give a theoretical and practical support to teams implementing Armed Violence Prevention activities in emergency and open conflicts contexts.
Based on Handicap International Professional Publication, it follows Practical guides’ structure:

  • Principles & Benchmarks presents key information and basic understanding to implement Armed Violence
    Prevention activities.
  • The Practical Guide is a set of factsheets on activities and transversal approaches, detailing key steps and essential components.
  • The Toolbox provides different tools linked with the factsheets to be used, personalised or tailored according to the field needs.


DAM, DAH, Mine Action, Risk Education, Armed Violence Reduction, it seems that arm-related topics are moving so fast that one might get lost in
Open conflict contexts like Syria, Libya or Iraq are raising new approaches to the topic and this guide is meant to clarify how we operate: what we do and how.
It also includes transversal approaches, advices on remote operations and a continuous integration of HI Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) policy.
This guide is the result of a Lesson learning process lead on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen projects during 2016 summer, over the past 2 years.

”When clearance is not yet an option,
  armed violence prevention activities
  are the ones saving lives.”

Christophe Milot


Who is concerned?

This guide is intended for:

  • Primarily, Project managers and their teams, at every steps of their work: from initial diagnosis to final evaluation.
  • Desks supporting Armed Violence Reduction projects.
  • Implementing partners.
  • Donors interested in preventing and reducing armed violence in open conflict and emergency contexts.
  • And all of Handicap International staff interested in better understanding our actions.

What is it not?

If this guide offers know-how and tips, it does not detail all notions related to Armed Violence Reduction. For instance, you will not find any factsheets regarding clearance or technical survey. Specific guidelines already exist.
A conscious effort was made selecting the most useful elements to stay concise and to remain a quick reference guide. “To learn on specifica matters, a bibliography Is available in the main menu.”

It is not an external expert look. It is based on a feedback from those who have lived or conducted directly or indirectly armed violence prevention